Lady sketches

Some recent sketches of various tough and dangerous girls. I'm trying to strike that balance between sexy, tough, and visibly strong, yet still feminine. It can be a hard balance to hit. Also, you'll notice liberal use of Frazetta knee. 

I think for me it's about the attitude and the facial expression. For these particular ones I was kind of avoiding the classic sexy hips and poses. Not that I'm opposed to it, I just had a different objective for these. 

My traditional work is almost always focused on line and value. My process rarely changes when working this way. I start with construction lines finding the composition and pose. Then I build on top of that with details. 

By contrast, my working digital process changes regularly. Sometimes I start with line, sometimes value, sometimes color. What doesn't change is the order that I do things. I always start with vague block in of shapes and then progress to details and clean up.